Now open! Rainforest Adventure

Brand new for 2014!

Brighton - RA 120x80

Are you an adventurer? Come and explore our Rainforest and discover the fascinating, beautiful and sometimes dangerous animals that live there.

Brighton - RA 119x79

Submerge yourself in our rainforest, feeling the soft floor under your feet and breathing in the earthy smells as you explore and discover our Anaconda, Water Dragons, Poison Dart Frogs, Piranha and group of rescued terrapins.

Brighton - RA 120x80

If you're young and nimble, climb through the mangrove roots to start your adventure! Don't worry, there's a parents entrance too...

Brighton - RA 120x80

As you step through the roots of a twisted tree, our Green Anaconda welcomes you to her home. Did you know that the Green Anaconda is the largest species of snake in the world?

Brighton - RA 120x80

Next you will encounter the elegant angel fish. Once their babies hatch, both the Mum and Dad guard them from any predators, keeping them safe.

Brighton - RA 119x79

Can you spot all 6 Chinese Water Dragons in their display? They have a special organ on the top of their head that helps control their temperature so check under the lights, they might be keeping warm!

Brighton - RA 120x80

As you turn the corner on your journey through the Rainforest, beware of the Poison Dart Frogs. The 5 species we have here are all brightly coloured, but don't let them fool you with their beauty, they are one of the most poisonous animals in the world!

Brighton - RA 119x79

You can get up really close and personal with our terrapins by crawling underneath and saying hello through a special viewing bubble - there are over 40 that live here and they have all been rescued or donated. Make sure that when you buy a pet, you know that you have the room and can care for it properly.

Brighton - RA 119x79

The piranha that live in our Rainforest are not as scary as their reputation would have you believe. These ones are still young as well so be friendly to them, they won't bite...

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10am - 5pm
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