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Long-snouted seahorse

Seepferdchen In Love2

How do seahorses get on?

To swim, a seahorse beats its dorsal fin between 30 and 70 times a second. Often they can also be drifted with the ocean current. In order to not swim from the spot, seahorses hold onto corals, seagrasses and other vegetation and stones on the seabed with their tails.


Langschnäuziges Seepferdchen im SEA LIFE Hannover

We are hungry!

A seahorse has to eat 30 to 50 times a day to avoid starvation. This is because the food you eat moves through your digestive tract very quickly, making you hungry all the time. Therefore, they are busy eating most of the day and do not swim around that much.


Seepferdchen Baby

Dad is having a baby

In contrast to most animals and marine life, the men of the seahorses give birth to their offspring. The female produces the eggs, but these are given to the male. Before mating, the seahorses perform a fascinating courtship dance in the sea grass. The couple swims side by side with tails hooked into one another. It usually only takes 10 to 12 days for the seahorses to be born.