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Cleaner Shrimp

Im SEA LIFE Hannover kannst du sogar eine Putzergarnele berühren

Experience us up close

Our experts will introduce you to the hard-working cleaner shrimp at the touch pool! If you carefully place your hand in the basin, the shrimp can cleanse your fingers of old skin cells. But be careful - that can be quite tickling!


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer this experience for security reasons. The touch basin remains closed for an indefinite period.

The cleaner shrimp swims through its tank at SEA LIFE Hanover.

As a couple or in groups

Cleaner shrimp prefer to live in the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific and the Red Sea. There they find their home in caves and crevices from about ten meters deep.

They either live in pairs or in larger groups with up to 100 conspecifics.


Eine Putzergarnele auf einem Stein

A life in symbiosis

Cleaner shrimp often live in symbiosis with other animals. They cleanse them of parasites and dead skin cells and rid their mouths of food particles between their teeth. The burden that the cleaner shrimp frees the animal from is a welcome snack for the shrimp.