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Expedition jungle

Discover the rainforest

On expedition through the rainforest with a ranger

The smell of wet earth fills your nose, huge insects run over your hands and suddenly - a real ranger. You don't have to fly for many hours to discover the rainforest more interactively than ever before. The rainforest in SEA LIFE Hanover has been constructed under the motto "EXPEDITION JUNGLE" and is the largest investment since the opening of the family leisure attraction.

The background

Only a few have the chance to discover a real jungle in their life. The fascination lives in many of us, because the rainforests are the origin of all life, where well over half of all animal and plant species on our earth are at home. Unfortunately, we are to blame for the fact that this unique habitat will probably no longer exist in 50 years if the overexploitation remains the same. SEA LIFE Hanover has therefore set itself the task with the new exhibition area "EXPEDITION JUNGLE" not only to create a new experience in Hanover, but to teach children in particular why we need to protect the rainforest ecosystem.

Zones in the rainforest

What can I do to save the rainforest?

Sustainable cultivation

Buy sustainably grown food such as coffee, cocoa or bananas to protect the environment, the animals and the people in the rainforest. Write on both sides of the paper and use environmentally friendly products.



Light off

Turn off the lights when you're not home - use less electricity. Take a look around your home and discover how many objects are constantly turned on. 



From the rainforest?

Think about which objects and foods from the rainforest you use in your home and how you would feel if they weren't there anymore.