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Rescuing Ocean

Meet "Benson", Our Rescued Green Sea Turtle

Benson is a young green sea turtle who was rescued at Anastasia State Park in Florida and nursed back to health at a Turtle Rescue Center in Georgia. He was struck by a boat, which damaged his shell and spine, and was also suffering from hypothermia. As a result, he is not able to dive for food on his own and cannot be returned safely to the wild.

Our Curator, Kelli, accompanied Benson on a Southwest Airlines flight from Georgia to his new home in Metro Detroit. His favorite foods are bell peppers, cucumbers and lettuce.

You’ll find Benson swimming around our 120,000 gallon Ocean Tank. He has a weight patch adhered to his shell to help fix his buoyancy issues and straighten out his swimming. Hope you come by to “sea” him soon!