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Tour de Turtles


Tour de Turtles is an initiative from the non-profit Sea Turtle Conservancy that follows the migration patterns of four species of sea turtles from their nesting beaches to their foraging grounds. The goal is to identify their habits and seek to improve environmental conditions that negatively affect the turtles. Through satellite telemetry, we will be able to monitor their travel patterns to determine how they fit into the Atlantic ecosystem. 


Our sister site, SEA LIFE Orlando, is taking part in Tour de Turtles by tracking the patterns of a green sea turtle named "Esperanza".

Meet "Esperanza"

Esperanza is a beautiful adult green sea turtle who was tagged with a satellite transmitter and released by the SEA LIFE team after nesting in Guanahacabibes Natural Park, Cuba, on June 29, 2016. She laid 152 eggs and measured 107 cm in curved carapace (shell) length and 93 cm in curved carapace width.


Her journey through the Gulf of Mexico has been funded by the SEA LIFE Trust in order learn more about sea turtle migration, nesting habits and how marine pollution might affect them.

Coming Soon!

SEA LIFE San Antonio will be opening in February 2020. Check back regularly for more details!