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Cownose 1400X1000

 A Stingray Sandy Beach, Right Here in San Antonio

Step onto a bright tropical beach surrounded by palm trees, where stingrays swim across the white sand next to bright schools of fish.

Delight in the surprises as rays swim and smile in their beautiful home! Nearby, you can visit even more species like cuttlefish, garden eels, live corals, and even some baby sharks!

Did you know?

  • We have 5 different species of stingrays inside Stingray Bay!
  • Did you know that stingrays hunt using electric signals? They have receptors in their skin called ampullae of lorenzini that allow them to detect movement in the water.
  • Stingrays eat shellfish like clams and crabs, which they pull out of the sand using suction from their mouths. Because they don't use their barbs to hunt, the barbs are solely for self-defense. These normally gentle creatures can defend themselves if they feel threatened in the wild, but otherwise are hesitant to use their barbs.
  • When our aquarists clean the hard to reach areas of the exhibit, they shuffle their feet to let the stingrays know they’re there, so that none of them are surprised!