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Top 5 Reasons to Visit SEA LIFE Scarborough as a Family

  • Monday 6th November 2017

Children At Turtle Tank

Top 5 Reasons to Visit SEA LIFE London as a Family

1. The whole family needs to get away from their screens.

Everyone’s glued to their iPhones, the TV or Kindle and no one spends time together. The solution? Bring the whole family to SEA LIFE Scarborough where everyone can share an immersive experience with real animals!

2. Tons of sea creatures to fascinate the kids (and Adults!)

With hundreds of amazing sea creatures to see including adorable rescued seals, hilarious Humboldt penguins, magnificent Black Tip sharks and the famous “Nemo” clownfish, the whole family will be amazed! 

3. You’ll save a shedload of money!

You can save up to 20% when you book online at least 2 days in advance

4. Get closer than ever before!

Do your kids love to explore and get face-to-face with amazing creatures? At Penguin Island you can learn to waddle as you walk through their Island home, just meters away from our comical colony! You can also see rescued seals at Yokrshire's only seal Hospital, and come face-to-fur with cheeky otters at Otter River! 

5. Accessibility

Have a bub in a pram? No problem. Our attraction is fully accessible, however due to the age and design of the building, alternative routes will need to be taken at certain points. You'll still be able to see every colourful clown fish and cheeky penguin and a route map will be provided when you arrive. All of our weird and wonderful turtles are found upstairs and you'll find the access lift in the shop. The restaurant is on the upper floor too if you're feeling peckish! 

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