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Location & Directions

Keep in mind that during the holidays and on nice days it is very busy in Scheveningen and on the roads to Scheveningen. This can severely limit accessibility and affect travel time. Read on below for more information.

Directions & address


SEA LIFE Scheveningen
2586 JK The Hague

SEA LIFE is located on the boulevard of Scheveningen, near the Hotel Kurhaus and the Pier. This boulevard is car-free.

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.... by bus / train / public transport

Public transport:

From 31 August 2020, work will be carried out on the track of tram 1 and tram 1 will no longer run to Scheveningen. There are replacement bus lines to get to Scheveningen anyway. Visit for information about the work and the consequences for accessibility by other transport.

Hollands Spoor station - then tram 1 towards Scheveningen (stop Kurhaus)

Den Haag Central Station - then tram 9 direction Scheveningen (stop Kurhaus)

Or the bus lines 21, 22 and 23 (stop Kurhaus)


Coaches and buses: 

Bus drivers can drop their passengers off at the Scheveningen Slag/Strandweg (next to Beren) and then park the bus at Parking Zwarte pad.

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