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Temporary interactive exhibition from 26 April

The Power of Nature

Dive into a sustainable future!

Experience Hollandse Kust Zuid

  • Temporary interactive exhibition from 26 April
  • Included in the ticket price

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Wind park Hollandse Kust Zuid!

Wind park Hollandse Kust Zuid is located off the Dutch coast. The wind park is there not only to supply sustainable energy to households, but also to preserve and enhance underwater life in the North Sea. During the interactive exhibition, you will learn all about the relationship between sustainable energy and the impact on marine life. Here, you will learn, for example, about the innovative techniques used in (the construction of) these wind parks.

Join us on an educational adventure!

Milly and Windston are friends for life and together share a love of nature with the North Sea in particular. Milly, a technical engineer, designs wind turbines, while Windston, an ecologist, researches marine life. Together, they have created an interactive exhibition combining their love of nature and technology. Together, they combine their knowledge and strengths to achieve great things.

Will you join Milly and Windston on their adventure?

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What is Milly doing?

Hi, my name is Milly! Wind turbines are an essential step for the energy transition. Together we will learn how wind turbines convert wind into electrical energy. But I also share other interesting details and fun facts! What an amazing work of art the windmill is, don't you think?


What is Windston doing?

Hi, my name is Windston! The North Sea is an amazing place with beautiful creatures and plants. Many people don't know much about it. Marine life deserves protection from fishing and other destructive activities in the seas. Let's look into this together!

Join the interactive quest!

Like a real investigator, you may grab a helmet and go on your quest through the exhibition.

*You will receive the quest at the entrance



Learn all about the facts and figures of wind parks on the North Sea and in particular Hollandse Kust Zuid.

• Take the quiz: What do you already know about wind energy?

• How does a wind turbine actually work?



Meet the animals and plants in Hollandse Kust Zuid.

• Play the game: Who is it?

• Colour your own sea creature and make it swim in the Fish Fantasy



Dive into research about Hollandse Kust Zuid and other wind farms.

• Learn about conservation at SEA LIFE

• Crawl inside the turbine of a wind turbine

De Toekomst

The Future!

How do you see the future?

• Craft your own wind turbine

Thank you to our partners

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