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Discover an amazing underwater world at SEA LIFE Scheveningen! Meet our wonderful animals including rays, sharks, starfish, piranhas, otters and more.

Walk through our underwater tunnel and watch our sea-turtle swimming just above your head.

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Critically endangered kemps turtle released in Gulf of Mexico

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Penguins at Sea Life!


Our new penguin enclosure is officially opened and 6 Humboldt penguins have arrived. The penguins get fed daily at 11.30 hours and 16.00 hours.

Unique in Holland: Seadragons!


Three seadragons have arrived in the Sea Life center in Scheveningen. These sea dragons are unique, as they come from a special breeding program in Australia.
The animals are about 15 centimeters long and three years old. They are in the sea horse family, and have beautiful coloration. Their habitat is unique to the south of Australia.

The animals come from a special breeding program from the Melbourne Aquarium. It is illegal to catch the animals in the wild, and they cannot be seen anywhere else in The Netherlands.

The sea dragons are very sensitive to changes in their environment, such as lighting, and stress easily. but we have installed special foil on the glass. They will be fed with mysis (small shrimps).

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Green sea turtle

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