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New for 2018

Enter the Ascarium!

20th October - 4th November

Explore the ocean depths to discover the spooky creatures that lurk beneath the waves. Find the missing magic ingredients around SEA LIFE to help the Sea witch cast her spell and claim your reward!


Long ago, Zara was a regular witch who lived on the land. She soon fell in love with the ocean and all the amazing creatures inside, but also saw how people mistreated the seas.


She decided to cast a spell, and turned herself into a Sea witch. With all of her magical powers; she swims the seas, looking after the weird and wonderful creatures of the ocean, but also casting curses on those who would mistreat the seas.


This Halloween, Zara has brought her magic to SEA LIFE, but she has a problem. On her watery travels she has come across a treasure chest, but needs a special set of ingredients in order to cast her “Spell of Unlocking”. If you help her, she will even share the treasure inside!


Head through the attraction to discover the ingredients, and find out all about the weirder creatures of the Sea that Zara loves to play with.


Don’t forget, Zara loves those who do what they can to help the seas, but for those who mistreat the oceans and the creatures inside, she might just turn your nose into a barnacle!