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Night and Day

Discover our ocean by night and day...

We are excited to announce that our NEW state of the art attraction, NIGHT & DAY, is now open! 🌙☀️

Experience the 24-hour wonder of a coral reef as it moves from night to day in our re-imagined Ocean Tunnel display. 

Dance along the bio-fluorescent tropical shore and then journey through our underwater tunnel, surrounded by Blacktip Reef Sharks, Green Sea Turtles, and a beautiful array of tropical fish species... We can't wait for you to see it! 

Day And Night Experience

Interactive Beach

Dance along the bio-florescent tropical shore.

Turtle Ocean Tunnel

Ocean Tunnel

Journey through our re-imagined Ocean Tunnel.

Discover our ocean by night and day at SEA LIFE Weymouth

Are you ready to discover the magic of the ocean?

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