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  • SEA LIFE, Seal Harbour

Common Seals

Also known as harbour seals, common seals are characteristic of sandflats and estuaries. The Wash of East Anglia is home to the UK’s largest colony, although they are also found on rocky shores in Scotland.

Resident Seals

Our resident Common Seals at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park are fun and friendly creatures and love to target feed with their keeper. They especially enjoy jumping onto the rocks from the water!

3 Seals
Seal Feed

Meet Web, Luna, Sija and Tyne!

  • Watch our girls guzzle their favourite foods at meal times, including Herring! 
  • Luna and Sija's favourite fish is mackerel
  • See who returns the life ring if you throw it
  • Watch Web wave to the Animal Care Team, she's also known for swimming upside down
Seal at SEA LIFE Weymouth

Did you know?

  • Seals can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes and dive to depths of over 70 metres!
  • Oil from Seal blubber was once used for making soap and paint
  • There are 35 different seal species worldwide. The rarest is the Mediterranean Monk Seal with fewer than 500 individuals remaining