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Weymouth Pirate Adventure Mini Golf

Ahoy there me hearties! Are ye ready for a game of golf like no other?

Pirate Adventure Mini Golf it is! It's a swashbuckling game for the whole family, from lads and lassies to experienced seadogs! There be a new challenge at every hole. Navigate yer very own Jolly Roger round galleons, treasure chests and gunpowder barrels.

But it's not just about the adventure - at every hole you'll learn about the world's most famous (and infamous) pirates and their deeds and legends. But don't be put off. You still have to putt your way round this brilliant astroturfed putting course. Can ye conquer the tricky uphill hole with a single deadly shot? Do ye have enough skill to avoid the obstacles blocking yer way to the treasure? Can ye sink that magical "hole in one" into Davy Jones' Locker?

Covid-19 Update

As part of the Government’s containment plan for the COVID-19 coronavirus, we have been advised to temporarily close Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park. The move is consistent with the closure of other leisure venues to prevent further outbreak. Please follow the link for further information and booking enquiries.