2018 SEA LIFE Local Annual Pass FAQs


Adult Pass (14 years and older)        £27.50
Child Pass (3 – 13 years)                    £22.50

Adult Renewal £23.50

Child Renewal £18.50


When will the Weymouth SEA LIFE Annual pass offer be publicised?

Now! Information about the Weymouth SEA LIFE Annual pass sale is on our website and our Facebook page. The sale will run from 20th January to the 28th January.


Do I need to collect tokens from the newspaper?

No! This year you do NOT need to collect any tokens. From 20th January to 28th January you will be able to purchase or renew your pass on site at SEA LIFE Weymouth or on our website, https://www.visitsealife.com/weymouth/ where you can choose to collect  your pass or have it posted out (p&p charges apply).

 What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring a passport sized photograph for your pass, and if you have already purchased your pass online for collection you will need your order number. You will also need to bring proof of address showing your DT or BH postcode. If it is a pass renewal, you will need to bring your 2017 pass.

 What does my Weymouth SEA LIFE Annual pass include?

Your Annual Pass includes entry into the Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park and Jurassic Skyline (open April-October) for 12 months – including access to all of our events*. You will also be entitled to 50% off at Pirate Adventure Mini Golf, 20% off in our catering units and gift shop (exclusions apply) and 20% off photo gifts. Every pass holder will also get discounted entry at Abbotsbury Gardens, and will be entitled to a SEA LIFE Loyalty Card, which will allow guests to collect rewards as they visit throughout the year.

*additional charges may apply.

 I didn’t have a pass last year, but have previously had one, can I still renew?

The renewal price only applies to people with 2017 annual passes.

 I don’t live in a BH or DT postcode- can I still purchase a SEA LIFE Weymouth local annual pass?

No- this year local passes will only be available to those with one of the aforementioned postcodes. We do however have other passes available and more details of these passes are on our website- https://www.visitsealife.com/weymouth/tickets/annual-passes/   

 What if I don’t live in a DT or BH postcode but have a 2017 annual pass?

If you don’t have a DT or BH postcode, but already have an annual pass from 2017, you will be able to renew it by visiting SEA LIFE Weymouth between 20th and 28th January- you must present your 2017 pass in order to be able to renew.

 When can I come and purchase my passes?

The passes will be available at SEA LIFE Weymouth and online from January 20th – January 28th ONLY. If you order a pass online for collection on site, you must collect by January 28th – passes ordered online but not collected by 28th January will be destroyed and no refund given.

Opening times during this period are as follows:

Saturday 20th January


Sunday 21st January


Monday 22nd January

10-7 Late Opening

Tuesday 23rd January

9-4 Early Opening

Wednesday 24th January

10-7 Late Opening

Thursday 25th January

9-4 Early Opening

Friday 26th January

10-7 Late Opening

Saturday 27th January


Sunday 28th January


 Do under 3’s need a pass?

Children under 3 gain entry for free at both the Park and Jurassic Skyline, and therefore do not need a pass. If your child turns three during 2018, then we recommend purchasing a pass now as this offer will not be repeated and your child will have to pay full price to visit for the rest of the year after their birthday.

 I cannot visit park anytime between the 20th and 28th January – what can I do?

We understand that not everyone will be able to visit park on these dates/times, so this year we have made it easy to purchase and renew passes online and get them posted to you. P&P charges will apply and passes will arrive within 14 days from the end of the sale.

 Will I need to upload photos if I am buying or renewing my pass online?

Yes. It is important that if you are buying or renewing more than one pass, when uploading the photos, you upload them in the same order as you enter each person’s details. For example, you enter details for Tom, then Sarah then Daniel. When uploading the photos you should upload first Tom’s photo, then Sarah’s then Daniel’s.

 Does the photo need to be an official passport photo?

No, but the photo should be passport size and clearly show each guests face. Photographs will be required whether you are purchasing/renewing on site or online.

 I am disabled- can I get a pass for my carer to accompany me?

Yes- you will need to purchase an annual pass for yourself and you can then claim a free carer pass upon production of a DLA letter, Blue Badge or equivalent when you collect your pass, or the first time you use it if you’ve ordered online and had the pass posted to you.