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Each year, SEA LIFE Arizona selects a group of Young Environmentalists that share our passion for conservation, the environment and the creatures that call our oceans home. The Young Environmentalists are a group of 10 kids, ages 6-10 years old. Through a number of FUN activities both at the aquarium and around the area, the Young Environmentalists help spread conservation messages to the world! 

From canal clean-ups to spreading the word about World Oceans Day, the Young Environmentalists are not only passionate about sea creatures, but they believe they can make a positive impact on our environment - right here in Tempe!

What does it mean to be a Young Environmentalist?

  • Visit SEA LIFE throughout the year (usually on the weekend) and participate in exclusive activities & behind-the-scenes events for the Young Environmentalists.
  • Participate in off-site events, like canal clean-ups
  • Learn about important conservation topics and help brainstorm ways to spread the message to friends and families.
  • The Young Environmentalist will receive:
    • Free SEA LIFE Annual Passes – one parent and one child pass
    • Young Environmentalist shirt to wear to activities and events
  • Most importantly, the Young Environmentalist program is FUN! They will explore the aquarium and its creatures in a whole new way with the guidance from a SEA LIFE Expert.

Young Environmentalist events include: 

  • Canal clean-ups at local conservation areas!
  • Behind-the-scenes education and fun activities at SEA LIFE Aquarium
  • Off-site education that focuses on local conservation. Learning locally to impact globally! 
  • VIP invites to the latest events and sneak-peeks at SEA LIFE Aquarium

How do I join the Young Environmentalist team? 

To enter to try and become a 2018 Young Environmentalist, please submit a video, photo, drawing or project that demonstrates:

1. Different ways to get involved in protecting the environment: River-clean-ups, recycling at home or school & visiting aquariums that help raise awareness for conservation are all great examples! 

2. Why YOU deserve to be a Young Environmentalist! Submit a drawing or write a letter describing your ideas for a local conservation project that helps the environment.

Please submit all entries by January 29th, 2018. Now accepting submissions! Our first meeting will be held in February!

Submit by mail: 

SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium

ATTN: Marketing

5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle, Ste 145

Tempe, AZ 85282


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