Behind The Scenes Tour
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Behind The Scenes Tour*

See first-hand how we care for our creatures with an exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes tour’. This interactive experience is led by one of our experts who will guide you deep behind the scenes, giving you privileged access to our working areas that are usually closed to the public.

There are different areas of the tour, including:

  • Life Support System
  • Food Preparation 
  • Laboratory
  • Breeding
  • Research


Experience Details 

Behind The Scenes Tours are approximately 20 minutes and are available daily for an additional charge.

Tickets for Behind The Scenes Tour can be purchased on the day of your visit at admissions and are sold on a first come first served basis as there are limited spaces available.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Ultimate package where your Behind The Scenes Tour is included in the cost of the ticket.

Don't forget to ask for your LIMITED EDITION POP BADGE when taking part in this experience!**


*Small additional charge 

** Subject to availability