Rainforest Adventure

Come and have a Rainforest Adventure at SEA LIFE Brighton.

As you step through the roots of a giant tree our Giant Anaconda welcomes you to her home. Follow her trail towards a mystical ruined temple and you’ll come across magical Water Dragons, colourful Poison Dart Frogs, and fearsome Piranhas. As you explore our rainforest don’t forget to say hi to our group of rescued Terrapins, their waiting to meet you!

Are you and adventurer? Come and explore our Rainforest and discover the fascinating, beautiful and sometimes dangerous animals that live there.

Submerge yourself in our rainforest, feeling the soft floor under your feet and breathing in the earthy smells as you explore and discover our Anaconda, Waterdragons, Poison Dart Frogs, Piranha and group of rescued terrapins.