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Save Our Seas: The Rangers Challenge

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Save Our Seas: The Rangers Challenge Activity Pack

A school trip to SEA LIFE Brighton is not only a fun day out, but also an opportunity for students to connect with marine life, develop empathy, and become passionate advocates for ocean conservation. Our brand new 'Save our Seas: The Rangers Challenge' activity pack will aid your students as they explore 6 different zones within the aquarium. They will also meet some of our amazing marine friends like Lulu and Gulliver, the Green Sea Turtles, and using the packs they will unlock 'Turtley' amazing knowledge about marine animals and their habitats.

Key Learning Outcomes (Age 5-11yrs)

Pupils will consider:

  • The different sea creatures they’ll encounter and their habitats.
  • How sea creatures are being negatively impacted by human behaviour.
  • What can be done to help protect the sea creatures and their habitats

There are extension activities within the booklet for further challenges. We offer two versions of the pack, one tailored to ages 5-7yrs and the other 7-11yrs.


How it works...

  • Before the trip, pupils will be set their challenge by a video message from Ranger Bethan.
  • At SEA LIFE Brighton, They’ll encounter our crab-ulous creatures and their habitats.
  • They’ll record their learning using our activity pack filled with engaging tasks.
  • Back at school, they’ll apply their learning by creating an informative campaign educating their community.