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European Crayfish

Ein europäischer Flusskrebs im SEA LIFE Hannover

Crayfish reintroduction

A European crayfish couple found a new home at SEA LIFE Hanover. Since these endangered animals are now only found in a few bodies of water in our region due to the displacement of other types of crayfish and the introduction of a deadly disease - the crayfish plague - SEA LIFE Hanover wants to make a contribution to reintroduce the European crayfish back into its German habitat too.

Endangered species

When the crayfish is mentioned, especially with a view to the past, what is usually meant is the noble crayfish, which is also known as the European crayfish. Originally only this species was found in northern Germany. All the other types of crayfish to be found here were introduced by humans and with them probably also a disease, the "crayfish plague". Crayfish plague is fatal for noble crayfish. As a result, almost all of the noble crayfish populations have collapsed.

Habitat and nature

Historically the noble crayfish occurs in almost all parts of Europe. It is only missing on the Iberian Peninsula, Northern England and Ireland.

Streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and canals. A shallow and nutrient-rich stream underflow that meanders through a valley with many windings and close to nature provides an ideal habitat for the crayfish. It is not uncommon for them to be found in cooler rivers at higher elevations.

The food of the noble crayfish consists of plants and carrion, but mainly of living animals such as snails, insects and small vertebrates.