Attraction location map

Opening Times

Open Daily at 10am (excluding select peak dates)

Opening Times:

Monday - Thursday: Open 10:00am. Last Entry 4:00pm. Close 6:00pm 
Friday: Open 10:00am. Last Entry 5:00pm. Close 7:00pm 
Saturday: Open 10:00am. Last Entry 6:00pm. Close 8:00pm 
Sunday: Open 10:00am. Last Entry 5:00pm. Close 7:00pm 

*Aquarium remains open for 2 hours after last admission. Be sure to see our Special Hours listed below for extended and limited hours of operation this season. 

Special Hours & Holidays: 

Please note, SEA LIFE Kansas City will operate on special hours on the following dates listed below: 

  • August 28th: Open 10:00am. Last Entry: 3:00pm. Close: 5:00pm
  • September 2nd: Open 10:00am. Last Entry: 5:00pm. Close: 7:00pm
  • September 26th: Open: 10:00am. Last Entry: 2:00pm. Close: 4:00pm

Things to Know:

  • We strongly advise all guests to book tickets online in advance, particularly when planning to visit during weekends, in the summer or on school holidays.

  • Pre-booking tickets online is the easiest way to guarantee entry and save!

  • During weekends and holiday periods, please be aware that there may be a short wait to enter the aquarium. The attraction is busiest between 10:00am and 2:00pm.