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Turtles at SEA LIFE

It's Turtle Time

Turtles are ancient reptiles that have been around for over 200 million years! They shared our planet with the earliest dinosaurs.

There are over 300 species of turtle in our oceans and rivers today and some are critically endangered! They are hunted for their beautiful shells and eggs, and often caught in fishing nets or more destructive fishing practices.

Green sea turtles can be found in subtropical and tropical seas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean… and you can see two green sea turtles right here in our Ocean Tank at SEA LIFE Michigan!

When they are young, green sea turtles feed on crabs, sponges and jellies. However, adults become completely herbivorous; eating only sea grass and algae which turns the fat inside their body bright green! That’s how they got their name.

Turtles are reptiles so they have to breathe air and are often seen coming to the surface to fill their lungs. They can hold their breath for many hours at a time if they are not stressed, for example when they go to sleep.

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Meet Lou!

Lou is a very special green sea turtle who was rescued off the coast of Florida in 2017. He is curious and very active! You can easily spot Lou because of his “saddle-shaped” carapace (or “shell”) and the way he floats toward the water’s surface. We are unsure of the causes behind Lou’s condition, as x-ray scans show no sign of boat strike or other injury from the wild. It’s very plausible that Lou was born this way. Lou was determined to be non releasable by the Gulf World Institute, and joined us at SEA LIFE Kansas City in 2019 where he continues to live a happy and healthy life. Lou loves swimming & taking a closer look at all of his many visitors. You can often find him scratching his shell on rocks and corals, or enjoying "dry time" on a Behind The Scenes Tour! 

Sea Turtle | SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium

Meet Gertrude, Our Rescued Green Sea Turtle!

Gertrude is a rescued Green Sea Turtle who has called SEA LIFE Kansas City home since winter 2013. Gertrude was found wrapped up in fishing line off the coast of Florida and was rescued by our friends at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in 2011. The fishing line caused severe damage to both front flippers and required one of her flippers to be amputated. Through the diligent care and rehabilitation of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff, Gertrude was nursed back to health! Though fully healed, Gertrude would be unable to safely return to the wild.

In 2013, Gertrude made her way to SEA LIFE Kansas City to live out a safe, happy and healthy life. Thanks to the staff at SEA LIFE Kansas City, Clearwater Marine Aquarium as well as Southwest Airlines, Gertrude safely completed the journey from Florida to the heart of Kansas City. SEA LIFE Kansas City is thrilled to have her!

You'll find Gertrude swimming around our Ocean Tank! Be sure to come say hello and "sea" her soon!