With thousands creatures on display, a visit to SEA LIFE Kansas City will engage your student’s senses. In addition to the spectacular view from the underwater tunnel, children can get involved at the interactive rockpool by holding a crab or even touching a starfish.

With so much to see and experience you will take learning beyond the classroom and into a new underwater world.

Your visit to SEA LIFE will include:

  • Rockpool Experience – Get up close and personal with our creatures
  • Free chaperone tickets - 1 free chaperone ticket per every 5 student tickets purchased
  • Free educational talks throughout the day that your class can attend
  • Free teacher preview visit - we offer teacher inspection visits to help you plan your school visit. Come and familiarize yourself with the site and ask our staff any questions you may have.

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Field Trip Pricing

Pre-School - 6th grade; $7.50 (1 adult free for every 5 paid students)

7th grade - 12th grade; $8.50 (1 adult free for every 10 paid students)

College; $8.50 (1 adult free for every 10 paid students)

Any additional adults; $10.00

Workshops Available!

Coral Connections

Discover all of the fantastic connections that bind a reef together and use that knowledge to build a reef from the sand to the surface and beyond. (Age Pre/K-2nd grade)

Slip and Slime

Discover how slime benefits the animal kingdom and in nature, while also making your own bit of slime. (Grades 1-5)

Oil Spill Cleanup

Get an entire session about how oil is harmful to our waterways and oceans and learn first-hand how to clean up this devastating substance. (Grade 4-8)

Genes in a Bottle

Learn how reproduction, environments and diversity of traits all affect genes of the human body in this 3-part workshop. Students will learn how to extracts and view their own chromosomes, create a punnet square and go fishing for genes. (Grades 8-12)

Book your Visit

Are you ready to book visit? Email or call us at 816-556-3234!

Please note: we require at least 2 weeks in advance for booking. There is a minimum group size of 15 students in order to book.


Opening Hours

Fri & Sat

*Attraction remains open 2 hours after last admission

Please Note: Double-wide strollers are not permitted inside

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