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Family Field Trips

Change up your daily virtual learning routine!

Field trips are important to children and provide an opportunity to help bridge the gap between education at home and real-life experiences. Now, get closer than ever before with our all-new Family Field Trip Guides to complete during your visit.

Whether you just need a break from your screen, or are looking for an education exploration outside of the home, a visit to SEA LIFE Aquarium is the perfect escape to discover something amazing! Family field trips give children the opportunity to explore our amazing oceans and learn about conservations, marine habitats, species behaviors and more! Plus, take advantage of our discounted weekday ticket, available Monday-Friday.

Be sure to download your guide and bring it with you on the day of your visit.

Downloadable Education Activity Packs

Sea Turtle at SEA LIFE | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Amazing Oceans Guide: Ages 3-5

Sheet activities requires crayons. If you don't have these materials to bring with you on your visit, make it an after-visit activity!


Touchpool Higher Up | SEA LIFE Aquarium

Food Chains & Ecosystems Guide: Ages 6-11