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Special Discounts for Groups

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium offers an interactive, hands-on visit for organized groups! In addition to our amazing sea creatures, we provide educational talks, feeding demonstrations and the opportunity to touch shrimp, crabs, sea stars and more at the Rockpool Experience!

We offer this discount for organized groups including: family reunions, church groups, senior groups, YMCA, Parks & Rec Associations, kids clubs, moms clubs, sports teams and more!

Book a group of 15+ individuals today with savings up to $6.00 per child and $8.00 per adult! To book, call (816)556-3245. 

Or, enter your contact information in the form at the bottom of this page and our Groups Coordinator will reach out to you with more info regarding booking.

What's Included in My Group Visit?

  • Encounter a vast array of sea creatures including sharks, rays and tropical fish
  • Learn how you can make the oceans a better place through our "Breed. Rescue. Protect." conservation program
  • Admire over 20 displays, thousands of sea creatures and 250 species in a highly themed, immersive setting
  • Gaze at creatures swimming overhead in our 180-degree ocean tunnel
  • Take part in our interactive Rockpool Experience where you can touch a crab or sea star
  • Free educational talks throughout the day that your group can attend
Individual Price (per 1 attraction) Workshop Add-On Price Total Price
Adult 13+ years $12.00+tax N/A $12.00+tax
Child 3-12 years $10.00+tax $3.00+tax $13.00+tax
2 and Under 0-2 YEARS FREE FREE FREE

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Minimum of 15 children needed to reserve workshop.

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Next Steps:

Please note that once this information is received you will be sent a confirmation email with your date and time slot. Your date and time will be locked in for your visit unless notified otherwise. You can use the confirmation email to request payment to your administration. Payment will be required 2 weeks prior to your scheduled visit. If you have booked a workshop and payment is not received 2 weeks prior to your visit, that workshop will be canceled. Payment can be made over the phone at any time via credit card. If payment is not received or scheduled 2 weeks prior to your visit, your reservation will be dropped. Any questions, please email or call (816)556-3234.


Call 816-556-3245
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