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What's Included in my Field Trip Visit?

  • Encounter a vast array of sea creatures including sharks, rays and tropical fish
  • Learn how you can make the oceans a better place through our "Breed. Rescue. Protect." conservation program
  • Admire over 20 displays, thousands of sea creatures and hundreds of species in a highly themed, immersive setting
  • Gaze at creatures swimming overhead in our 180-degree ocean tunnel
  • Take part in our interactive Touchpool Experience where you can touch a crab or sea star
  • Chaperone tickets – 1 free chaperone ticket per every 5 student tickets purchased 
  • Free educational talks throughout the day that your class can attend
  • FREE scheduled teacher preview visit, select dates only!

Educational Workshops

Home Sweet Home: Habitats (Prek-K)

Students will learn in a fun way what is required for an animal to make a home! Explore the need for food, water, shelter, air, and territory in aquatic habitats.

Animal Adaptations (K-2nd)

Students will be amazed once they learn about unique animal characteristics such as scales and fins that allow animals to adapt in the underwater world.

What’s for Lunch: Food Chains (3rd-5th)

Oh oh! There’s a shark coming! The kids will explore the complexities of the ocean food chain and the predator vs. prey relationship. Yes, they learn about what and how sea creatures eat, along with what eats them!

Marine Science Careers: (6th- 12th)

Feel like a real-life Marine Scientist during this in-depth look into the everyday responsibilities of our aquarium staff! Students will learn first-hand how they can directly impact conservation efforts word-wide by choosing a career in the zoo or marine science industry.

Student Admission Only + Workshop Total Price Per Student
Child 1 Attraction 1 FREE Adult for every 5 students. $12.00 per additional Adult $10.00+tax +$3.00+tax per workshop $13.00+tax
Child 2 Attractions Add a visit to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center & visit 2 Attractions at a discounted rate! $20.00+tax +$3.00+tax per workshop $23.00+tax
Adult Admission + Workshop Total Price Per Adult
Adult 1 Attraction 1 FREE Adult for every 5 students. $12.00 per additional Adult $12.00+tax N/A $12.00+tax
Adult 2 Attractions Add a visit to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center & visit 2 Attractions at a discounted rate! $24.00+tax N/A $24.00+tax

Teacher Pre-Visit Guide

Please see our downloadable Pre-Visit Guide for important information about your visit. Download to "Know Before You Go!" 

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Download Your Pre-Visit Guide

School Inquiry Form

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Our Groups Coordinator will be reaching out to you shortly. Please note that once this information is received you will be sent a confirmation email with your date and time slot. • Your date and time will be locked in for your visit unless notified otherwise. • You can use the confirmation email to request payment to your administration. • Payment will be required 3 weeks prior to your scheduled visit. • Payment can be made over the phone at any time via credit card. • If payment is not received or scheduled 3 weeks prior to your visit, your reservation will be dropped. • Any questions, please email or call 816-556-3245.

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