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The SEA LIFE Trust

SEA LIFE TRUST is a registered charity (no. 1175859) working globally to protect the world’s oceans and the amazing marine life that lives within them.

SEA LIFE TRUST’s vision is of a world where our seas are healthy, protected and full of diverse life.

In partnership with the global SEA LIFE aquarium chain, we are able to reach a huge audience. We run inspiring conservation campaigns and fund projects and education programs that champion the need for plastic-free oceans, sustainable fishing, effective Marine Protected Areas and an end to over-exploitation of marine life.

We also own and operate our own marine wildlife sanctuaries.

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Creating the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary

Thanks to a very generous donation from Merlin Entertainments, the SEA LIFE Trust created a Beluga Whale Sanctuary in the Vestmannaeyjar Islands off the coast of Iceland.

A world first initiative, the SEA LIFE TRUST Beluga Whale Sanctuary opened in May 2019 and provides a more natural home for two previously captive beluga whales, Little White and Little Grey, who used to live in Chang Feng Ocean Park, Shanghai, China.

The SEA LIFE TRUST Beluga Whale Sanctuary was created with support from Merlin Entertainments and Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) with the aim of providing formerly captive beluga whales with a safe and more natural home.

By leading the way and demonstrating an alternative way of caring for these beautiful animals we want to encourage others to consider sanctuaries as a viable alternative. This change could potentially transform the lives of not only beluga whales but over 3,000 other whales and dolphins currently housed in traditional captive facilities or performing in shows around the world.

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