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City Under the Sea

SEA LIFE New Jersey Aquarium exhibits will excitingly be themed to some of the most memorable New York City moments, bringing the magic of the streets to an awe-inspiring underwater world!


Here's a SNEAK PEEK at just a few!

'Giants' of the Rockpool

Athletes of the Shores

Experience SEA LIFE's interactive touchpool

Here you will be introduced to the amazing characteristics our coastal creatures have that enabled them to survive in the most extreme marine habitat in the world. Find out why these tiny 'Giants' are the athletes of the ocean! Now's your chance to reach in and touch one of many amazing creatures including sea stars, urchins, anemones and more!

Seahorse Mangroves

Ballet Dancers of the Ocean

Join us for the 'Water Ballet'

Male and female seahorses come together repeatedly to dance with one another to reinforce their pair bond. Experience this dance with interactive features that allow you to get up close while learning more about these fascinating creatures and their habitat mates like cardinals, gobies, shrimp and more.

Stingray Bay

Pilots of the Reef

See the inquisitive rays gliding across sandy runways

Stepping through the palm trees you'll hear the waves gently lapping in the 'Tropical Airport of the Reef', starring the ocean's pilots - stingrays! Inside Stingray Bay you'll be mesmerized by our happy and smiley rays, gliding across the sandy runways. Let their upbeat nature take your cares away in this relaxing and magical space.


Disco DJs of the Deep

Watch Moon Jellies dance through the water

Experience the enchanting Moon Jellies with an interactive rainbow spectrum light display! Learn how these amazing creatures reflect and scatter light, producing a mesmerizing dance of color like a disco ball.


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