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Did you know?!

Seahorses make a loud clicking noise every time they feed. Listen to them when you visit the Seahorse Nursery!

The SEA LIFE Trust is working to protect seahorses and the habitats on which they depend.

To swim, seahorses beat their dorsal fin 30-70 times a second!

As members of the same family they share some interesting traits; Their jaws are fused to form a straw-like snout, instead of scales they have thin skin stretched over a series of bony plates and they are slow swimmers.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this group is that the males brood their babies! A male Seahorse has a brooding pouch on its belly into which a female can place her eggs. After a few weeks when the babies are ready, the male Seahorse gives birth. He rocks back and forth like a rocking-horse whilst the tiny baby seahorses pop out from a small hole in his tummy.

You can discover these amazing creatures as you journey into ‘Seahorse Nursery’ during your visit.