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Coral Propagation

Over a quarter of all marine creatures call a coral reef their home!

Breed Coral Reefs

Coral Propagation programme

Our Coral Propagation programme helps to make up for the over-harvesting of coral from our oceans and the damage that pollution and global warming can do to the fragile Coral Reef ecosystems.

Growing coal helps us to highlight these issues and raise awareness of how coral should be cared for. You can take a sneak peek of our coral growing during our Behind the Scenes tour!

Sea Bed Clown Fish

Did you know?

Coral grows very slowly. The coral reefs in our oceans have been growing for 10,000 years! Luckily we can grow corals faster by creating the perfect conditions for them.

Coral reefs polyps

Fun fact

Coral is made up of lots of very tiny creatures called ‘polyps’.

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