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The story so far...

Our Wetlands Conservation Trail was designed and developed to encourage native species of wildlife into the Park.

We have had great help from the Dorset Wildlife Trust and Martin Young from "Nectar Plants," who both provided us with their skills, advice and also with some plants! We also had some help from local students who gave up their time to help clear and dig out "Butterfly Bridge."

We are committed to our Wetlands Area which will continue to evolve as shrubs, trees and grasses grow, and the local wildlife moves in to make it their own. 

Duck feeders for scatter and pond food are available for 20p per handful. Each spring, new arrivals can be found finding their feet on the water. 

Find out more about our Wetlands Area as you walk around, including projects such as our Bug HotelBee HotelLog PilesHedgerowsButterfly Bridge and Rubble Piles.