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Fairy Penguins

On Fairy Penguin Island at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park, you'll find twenty Little Blue (Fairy) Penguins - Eudyptula minor.  Each penguin at the Park has a different coloured tag to be able to tell them apart. Male penguins have a coloured band on their right wing and females on their ankle. 

Facts about Fairy Penguins

Fairy penguins (also known as little blue penguins) are the world’s smallest penguin measuring just over 25cm tall and they weigh around 1 kg. The penguins are native to New Zealand and Southern Australia but after their Sanctuary in Manly was closed down; Weymouth was chosen as their new home due to the seaside town’s average summer and winter temperatures being very similar to those experienced by the penguins in their natural habitat.