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Sensory Features

Sensory Garden & Creature Sensory Boards

Sensory Garden

Explore our Sensory Garden at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park with three features: 

  • Visual Zone
  • Sound Pad
  • Touch and Smell



Can you describe the different textures?

  • Run your fingers through the grassy plants and stroke the silky lamb’s ear plant
  • Softly feel the different pants in this sensory zone



Can you identify the different herbs by smell?

  • Ginger Rosemary, thyme and mint are divine
  • Rub your fingers gently on these herbs to release the scent



Can you name the different colours of the plants?

  • These plants change colour throughout different seasons
  • Watch these plants from where you are standing


Head to the Turtle Sanctuary to touch our different creature sensory boards.


Sensory Garden

Explore our Sensory Garden