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Here at SEA LIFE Benalmádena we welcome all and strive to make our attraction as accessible as possible to all of our guests.

Reduced Movility

The aquarium is wheelchair accessible throughout the attraction .The aquarium has a wheelchair available.

Adapted Toilets & Baby Changing

We have disabled access to the aquarium and disabled toilets are also available.

Buggy Policy

Elevator available between floors

Eating & Drinking

During the tour the consumption of food is not allowed.

Dogs & Other Animals

For reasons of safety and hygiene dogs or other animals are not allowed to enter the aquarium. Guide Dogs and other assistance animals are permitted in the Aquarium.


All visitors under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

Discount disabled people

50% Disabled people + the carer 50% discount.


Connect to our free Wi-Fi

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Guests with mobility impairments.

We have disabled access to the aquarium and disabled toilets are also available.

The aquarium is based over two floors with a lift located at the two main entrances. There are some rest/seating areas located throughout the attraction. Should you need, please feel free to ask a member of staff to locate the nearest seating.

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Guests with Epilepsy

SEA LIFE Benalmádena is bright and colourful in some areas and darker in others, but there is no strobe lighting within the aquarium.

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Guests with some Neuro-Diverse conditions, including Autism.

Should you wish to enter SEA LIFE Benalmádena but later feel that you need to leave, please just speak to a member of staff and they will assist – you are welcome to take some time in a quieter area and re-join the aquarium when you are ready, or you will be able to leave, should you wish to do so, a staff member will be called to facilitate your exit.

Pulsera Girasoles

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Bracelet

If you have a hidden condition such as Autism, or any other sensory requirement you can have one of our green sunflower bracelets displayed at admissions and free to use. If you use one of these, we will know that you may require a little extra assistance during your visit to the attraction.

What you can expect when using a sunflower bracelet:

  • You can tell us if there is anything we can do to assist you.
  • We may ask if there is anything we can do to assist you.
  • We provide you with a sensory kit box with sensory stickers and headphones at your disposal.
  • We can offer you your visit to be more comfortable free of sound and music.
  • Avoid queuing. Ask to one of our staff members at admission and you will avoid making a queue.

Rayas Bebe

Disability and Carer Price Policy

We offer a reduce 50% discount to disabled guests and to his/her carer.

Please, you will be asked to show your Disability Card or Certificate at Admissions.