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Invasive algae


A study on the effects of invasive algae on the Mediterranean coastline is being promoted

Sea Life Benalmádena has taken part in a study on the effects of invasive algae in the Mediterranean Sea, and more specifically on the coast of Malaga. The aim "is to check how it affects the conservation of the flora and fauna of the affected areas, how its manipulation can affect humans, and the possible uses that can be given to it with a view to a more sustainable activity".


The study, they have detailed, tries to find areas colonised by the algae and see its progression after a year, identifying marine areas on the coast of Malaga that have been invaded by this algae and the reaction of the native species.

In this aspect of the more local flora and fauna it is too early to draw precise conclusions, but everything points to the fact that this invasive algae alters the support and habitat of the native communities.