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Venture into our Rock Pools

You will see native creatures such as a range of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and other creatures, as well as sea weed, sponges, urchins and anemones.

Children At Rockpool

Get really close

Visitors can get really close to our creatures in the rock pool, sometimes you will even be able to gently touch something 

Discover the Rockpool Creatures

Boy holding starfish at SEA LIFE

This is where you get (a little) wet!

If you’ve ever wondered what lives in the rockpools around our coast, this is the place to find out. Get really close to the wonderful creatures that live on our shores.

Everything in our rockpool is safe to handle... and our rockpool experts are on hand to show you how!

Things to do:

  • Hold a crab – without getting nipped

  • Touch a live starfish

  • Find out what a sea squirt is and how it squirts

  • Spot the shelled creatures

Hermit Crab

WOW Fact!

  • Hermit crabs live in colonies of up to 100 or more!