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Experts and spokespeople

Scott Blacker

Senior Aquarist

Scott is our Senior Aquarist here at SEA LIFE Blackpool. He has worked with us since 1998 and been part of the displays team who care for our creatures for 12 years. If you're wanting the facts on our creatures - he's your man!

Rachel Sipes

General Manager

Rachel is our General Manager and oversee's everything that goes on in our center. She's your girl for center operations and statistics.

Ricky Lark

Operations Manager

Ricky is the man behind the day to day running here at SEA LIFE Blackpool.

Kate Shane

Head of Blackpool Cluster

Kate has Blackpool running through her veins. If you're looking for a wider Blackpool story including the other Merlin Blackpool attractions, she's the one for you.