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Dive Deeper at SEA LIFE

Things To Do

  • Behind-the-Scenes Experience

    Wanna get an exclusive sneak peek behind closed doors? Find out how our dedicated animal care team looks after all of our amazing creatures, during our 20 minute Behind-the-Scenes tour. What’s the best part? Going to the top of our 117,000 gallon ocean tank!

  • Interactive Touchpool Experience

    Are you brave enough to touch one of our creepy crabs or chocolate chip sea stars? (No these aren’t cookies!) Feel the sea, by getting out close with our sea stars, hermit crabs, urchins, and more in our Interactive Touchpool.

  • FINtastic Birthday Parties

    What better way to celebrate your big day, than UNDER THE SEA! Enjoy an exclusive underwater adventure, shared with all of your friends and family. The birthday girl or boy even gets a FREE annual pass!

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