Education Workshops & Teacher Resources

SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium offers educational workshops!

In addition to our amazing aquarium experience, we work closely with teachers to develop educational workshops to enhance your students' visit. (See below for Education Workshop descriptions)

Each workshop follows a North Carolina state standard decided on by grade level. With the education workshop we also add-on a first hand look at how we care for thousands of sea creatures with an educational Behind-the-Scenes Tour! This tour is a 20-minute trip to our food-prep kitchen, laboratory and above the aquarium’s 117,000 gallon Ocean Tank. Behind-the-Scenes Tours are the perfect educational experience for groups of all ages! Ignite imagination and wonder in your class as they discover thousands of sea creatures and come face-to-face with animals from around the world.

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*Please note that each class can host 25 children and up to 5 adults. Groups may be combined.

Educational Workshops are available Monday - Friday only. The $2.00+tax fee is additional to the school price per child for the education workshop and Behind the Scenes Tour.  Please plan 25-30 minutes for the workshop, 20 minutes for the Behind the Scenes Tour and 45-60 minutes to go through the aquarium.

Additional teachers/adults discounted admissions are only for self-guided tour of aquarium.

Educational Workshops

Grade K-2 Educational Workshop

Our educators will guide your class through an underwater adventure, meeting some of our creatures along the way, where students will identify traits that classify creatures as living or non-living things. We will then replicate coral by using water to stick packing peanuts (coral) together to form a cohesive unit or mini coral reef. 

Follows NC State Academic Standard: Differentiate between living and nonliving things and what they need to survive/how the needs of animals are met by their habitat.

Grade 3-5 Educational Workshop

The class will use their critical thinking skills to solve what happens when an "oil spill" occurs in their "pond." Children will have a hands on learning experience to see how oil spills affect our aquatic ecosystem and how animals must adapt to survive. 

Follows NC State Academic Standard: Identify adaptations that allow animals to survive in their habitats.

Grade 6-8 Educational Workshop

Sharks & Rays Senses


Fun Fact: Humans have 5 senses, but sharks have 6. 

Experience all 6 senses from a shark's point of view and how they compare to the 5 senses of humans in our newest workshop addition, Sharks and Rays Senses! Our educators will demonstrate how these two animals are related and how they use their senses for survival, through a wide range of activities.  

Follows North Carolina state academic standards. 

Grade 9-12 Educational Workshop

Marine Science Careers

Do your students have a love for fish, sharks, coral, or even better- are they ocean obsessed? Learn more about Marine Science Careers with this workshop! Explore the variety of options from Oceanography to Aquarist and more. 

Add-On Option: Squid Dissection

Students can perform a necropsy, or animal autopsy on a squid, giving them a hands on look into a potential Marine Science career. 

**Additional fee of $4, for a total of $6 per student for the workshop/dissection-1 hour workshop, making the per student rate $14.**  

Follows NC State Academic Standard. 

Fun Educational Activity Sheets & Teacher Resources

Captivate your class within the underwater world with the following teaching aids, worksheets, and activity packs. All documents are free to download and share with your class.

Our educational materials are based on activities and projects that will engage students before, during, and after your visit.

(Some of our fellow SEA LIFE's generously shared some of these worksheets with us)

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Amazing Oceans: PreK-K

More Teacher Aids

Download these FREE Teacher Aids. They include great educational activities to supplement your visit to SEA LIFE.

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