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Dropsound Yoga

Dropsound Yoga by SweatNET Charlotte

Dropsound Yoga with SweatNET Charlotte is now happening every month! Join us for the ultimate yoga class, where you can choose what creature you want to strike a yoga pose next to. Using Dropsound Silent Disco/Yoga headphones, you can follow instructor Jaimis Yoga from any point in the aquarium, allowing you to get closer than ever before!

The class is a gentle flow for ALL levels. All classes are on Saturday mornings, from 9-10 AM, besides July 20th, which will be from 8:30 AM-9:30 AM.

The dates for 2019 include: 

Saturday, July 20th*

Saturday, August 10th

Saturday, October 5th

Saturday, November 9th

Saturday, December 7th

All registration is done online through SweatNET Charlotte. Just follow the link above or to learn more or click on any of the above dates to book your spot! 

*Class time is changed to 8:30 AM-9:30 AM.