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Tropical Ocean Display

Come face-to-fin in this jaw-dropping display!

Get ready for an awesome array of creatures in our Tropical Ocean Display! 

The 250,000-litre Tropical Ocean Display and Tunnel is where you can see our largest inhabitants as they roam around the Lost City of Atlantis themed display!  Get up close to Noah a green sea turtle and experience the ‘Shark Nursery’ which is part of our ongoing breeding program.

Home to a group of SEA LIFE’s first-generation captive-bred blacktip reef sharks

Shark populations are decreasing due to over-fishing, particularly for the shark fin industry. Blacktip reef sharks are not endangered but they are classified as ‘near threatened’ meaning they could become endangered in the future.

Blacktip Shark
Tropical Ocean Display at SEA LIFE

Shark Protection

Captive breeding helps us better understand how to protect sharks in the wild and support reintroduction projects if needed. The blacktip reef sharks were born in Germany as part of an ongoing breeding programme with future plans to achieve SEA LIFE‘s first ‘second generation’ captive blacktip reef shark births.

  • Get closer than ever before to the many strange, beautiful and fascinating creatures that grace our oceans!

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