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Rainforest Species

In this landscape food can be plentiful.

During the wet season, rivers flood the rainforest floor where fruits, nuts and seeds fall. When the dry season returns some fish are trapped in ever-decreasing, muddy pools without food, with little oxygen and no way of escaping predators.

On the river predators can appear from any direction, above or below the water. You've got to be tough to make it in this habitat. Many rainforest creatures are big and toothy but sometimes it's the smallest and most harmless-looking animals which can pack the deadliest punch! 

Are you ready for a jungle adventure? Let's go!

Close Up Croc

African Dwarf Crocodiles

Come face to face with our African Dwarf Crocodiles as you begin your Rainforest adventure!


The dwarf crocodile is the world's smallest crocodile, growing up to 190 cm in length (by contrast, the Nile crocodile can reach 5 m in length).  As a reptile, you will notice that our crocs spend much of their time basking.

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  • The amazing axolotl are cute little creatures which can be either white or brown.
  • White axolotls are common as pets, whereas brown ones are extinct in the wild.
Sunny Stick

Maclays Stick Insect

Also known as the Giant Prickly Stick Insect!

  • Native to Australia, females are parthenogenetic, which means that they do not need a male in order to reproduce. Eggs laid in this way will be genetic clones of the females

Poison Dart Frogs

These beautiful little creatures, native to Central and South America, are like brightly coloured jewels bouncing amongst the foliage. Don't be fooled though, they are small but deadly. As their name suggests these Frogs secrete toxic poison from their skin.

Poison Dart Frog1920x1280