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Multi-attraction tickets

TDF07246 Min
2 attractions £27

SEA LIFE & Giant Wheel

Enjoy a visit to SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth and the Giant Wheel all with one ticket. 

Take in the skyline views from the tallest wheel in East Anglia! The perfect addition to your visit to SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth. 

A SEA LIFE + Giant Wheel ticket includes

  • Entry to SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth with entrance at a chosen 10-minute time slot. 
  • Spend as much time as you like exploring our incredible underwater world.
  • PLUS single entry to the Great Yarmouth Giant Wheel right next door. No time slot is required- simply take your tickets and wait for the next available gondola.
  • You can even use your Giant Wheel ticket on a different day.
  • A trip on the Giant Wheel takes approximately 10 minutes and each gondola is enclosed for safety and comfort whatever the weather.