Red King Crab

A particularly impressive creature is the red king crab. Its body can reach a diameter of about 30 centimeters and its leg span can even reach up to two meters.

A red king crab can weight up to 10kg. It lives in up to 300 m depth in the North Pacific, in Alaska and in Kamchatka. It was resettled by people into the Bering Sea, from which it spread into the North Atlantic.
The king crab is a predatory omnivore, feeding on mussels, algae and carrion.

This crab has a great economic importance among gourmets as it is a so-called "Tarabagani", which is served as crabmeat.

Things to Do

  • Watch the giant crabs while feeding.
  • Guess how long the legs of our specimens are.
  • Learn why red king crabs threaten our water.
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