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Sea Life Scheveningen adheres to the 'Veilig Samen Uit' protocol.

The protocol offers three guarantees regarding the provision of good information, extra hygiene measures, and, of course, the 1.5-meter distance between households. The Dutch Association of Zoos and the Club of Eleven joined forces in drawing up the protocol.

  • We will ensure a distance of 1.5-meters between households. We do this by allowing a limited number of guests at the same time, appropriate to the location in question. You book your ticket online in advance.
  • We provide sufficient and clear information. On location, we ensure that there is sufficient and clear information available by means of comprehensible instructions and signage. In addition, the staff is well trained and draws guests' attention to the appointments.
  • We provide extra hygiene measures. Extra hygiene measures are taken in the form of central disinfection points and more frequent cleaning of important contact surfaces.

New rules of play

    • Booking online for a specific day or time is mandatory, even if someone already has a ticket or voucher.
    • Only when everyone in the company is symptom-free, so no fever, coughing, sneezing, etc.
    • Come alone or as a group, with people from the same household.
    • Come with your own transport, the capacity of public transport is limited and should be relieved as much as possible.
    • From the 30th of September all guests over the age of 11 are required to wear a face covering/mask whilst in the attraction. 


Also, the daily feed presentations will not take place in order to avoid large crowds in one place.

Voor uw veiligheid

Enhanced Cleaning

Enhanced Cleaning

We have introduced enhanced cleaning measures, throughout the day, which seek to disinfect high frequency touch points such as tables and chairs, service counters, door handles, elevator, buttons and taps.


No touching

Some experiences and facilities may be suspended to ensure social distancing.



Guests will notice new information signage informing them of key safety messages and instructions