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New Zone: The Jellyfish Universe

SEA LIFE Bangkok unveils an enchanting all-new Jellyfish experience ‘The Jellyfish Universe’, a captivating zone that sets itself apart with its dynamic lighting, innovative display designs, vibrant hues, and mesmerizing inhabitants. 

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The Secret World 2 Website

Jellyfish Lab

Explore behind the scenes action and encounter the fascinating jellyfish up close.

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Virtual Reality Experience

Experience the ocean from a whole new angle with our immersive Virtual Reality experience! Be transported to the depths of the ocean in this exhilarating, state of the art experience the whole family can enjoy. Don't miss our VR pods inside the aquarium! Please contact our staff at the Activity Counter for booking your seat.

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Talks & Feeding times

Come join us with a variety of sea creatures feeding activities. You'll have the opportunity to interact with the experts as they work!

Popular activities includes: Welcome to the Shark Side, Gentoo Penguin Feeding, Eagle Ray Feeding, Otter Feeding, Diver's Communication and more!

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