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Rainforest Species

Are you ready for a jungle adventure? Let's go!

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Rainforest Creatures

In the river, predators can appear from any direction, above or below the water. Crocodiles and monster Catfish lurk in the waters while birds of prey and big cats prowl the banks. You've got to be tough to make it in this habitat.

Many rainforest creatures are big and toothy but sometimes it's the smallest and most harmless looking animals which can pack the deadliest punch!

As you wind through the roots and tree trunks, explore the home that's a host to these wonderful creatures.

Rainforest Creatures

Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog

These beautiful little creatures, native to Central and South America, are like brightly coloured jewels bouncing amongst the foliage.

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Short Clawed Otter

Short Clawed Otters are funny and quick on both land and water. They look after their pups until they reach adulthood. Otters mainly feed on fish and aquatic animals

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Fishhook Ant

The Fishhook Ant is a rare species of ant that usually lives in dry trees. It has a distinctive feature with 2 pairs of hooks emerging from its back that are used to catch and cut prey.

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Green Crested Lizard

The Green Crested Lizard has a green, long, flat body. Males have a crest to attract females.

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