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We challenge you to brave the stroll down our "Shark Walk".


The Shark Walk offers a perfect blend of fun and education, allowing you to marvel at these magnificent creatures while discovering fascinating facts about them.

You'll find yourself just inches away from five different types of sharks.

Three large interactive screens present a wealth of information about each shark species residing in the tanks. From their unique characteristics and habitats to their vital role in the ecosystem.

So why not come and find out just how courageous you really are?

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Close-up view of a striking Sand Tiger Shark swimming gracefully in the ocean depths.

Sand Tiger Shark

Sand Tiger Sharks look ferocious with a mouth full of pointy teeth, but our divers regularly jump in with them because they aren't dangerous to humans.

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Sharkshipwreck Zone
Nurse sharks gracefully resting at the tranquil sea bed, showcasing their unique beauty and serene presence.

Nurse Shark

To spot a Nurse Shark, look for the shark with the funny moustache! These dangley bits on their top lip are actually useful things called barbels.

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Sharkshipwreck Zone
Graceful black-tip reef shark gliding through the crystal-clear waters, a captivating sight of underwater elegance.

Black Tip Reef Sharks

Found on the tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Blacktip Reef Sharks prefer shallow, inshore waters.

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Sharkshipwreck Zone