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Are you ready for an adventure with our penguins?

Come and check out the ever-so-cute Gentoo Penguins in our "Ice Playground" zone.

Whether these adorable creatures are taking a swim or just waddling around, you will be helpless against falling in love with them.

Feel like you are visiting the Antarctic yourself with the surrounding snow and cold breezes!

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Penguins are found almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere. They are ‘flightless’ birds but they can soar through the water like a torpedo to catch fish! There are 17 species of penguins but…

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Penguin Ice Playground
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Gentoo Penguins

Gentoos are the third largest species of Penguin in the world after the Emperor and Kings.

  • SEA LIFE Bangkok, Penguin Ice Playground